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Sleeping Bags

MooMoo sleeping bags come in a winter and summer weight.

Our summer weight sleeping bag is made from 100% cotton outer (in your chosen print) and a brushed 100% cotton inner, with no filling. It is designed for room temperatures from 20°C and warmer.  We have added an ultra lightweight summer sleeping bag to our range, for room temperatures over 24 degrees centrigade.  This sleeping bag is made from a single layer of 100% cotton and is the equivalent of sleeping under a sheet.

The winter weight sleeping bag also has 100% cotton printed outer and a brushed cotton inner (just like the summer weight one). The difference is that in between these two layers, the winter weight sleeping bag is padded- giving the appearance and warmth of a duvet. It is recommended for use in room temperatures from 20°C and cooler.


MooMoo Kiddigrows

MooMoo Kiddigrows are available in cotton (as per typical babygrows), which is designed for use mainly in summer, and in polar fleece, which is designed for winter nights. The deluxe fluffy coral fleece kiddigrows are for extra chilly winter nights.

MooMoo Kiddigrows work particularly well when used in conjunction with MooMoo sleeping bags, but can be used on their own, as indicated in the temperature guide below.

Please note that every child is different, so this is intended as a rough guide only.

In Europe, where baby and toddler sleeping bags are widely used, it has been proven that using a sleeping bag reduces the risk of SIDS (sudden-infant-death-syndrome). MooMoo sleeping bags are not designed to be used with any other blankets or covers- rather regulate the temperature of your little one by selecting a sleeping bag of the appropriate weight (summer/winter) and dressing your little one more or less warmly, using our temperature chart as a guide.

The new zip-bottom feature on our sleeping bags means that if, when you check on your little one, you find they are too hot, you now have the option of unzipping the bottom of the bag, to allow more air to circulate.

Please note that the temperature guide has been developed using MooMoo Kiddigrows and MooMoo sleeping bags, so we would recommend that you use these together for optimal night-time comfort.

The fleece Kiddigrows have the added benefit of reducing your household energy requirements, because you will not need to use additional heating (such as under-floor, or electric heaters) in your little one’s room.

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