Moomoo Kids

Medium Masks


With Winter season fast approaching, colds and flu are sure to tag along.

Protect yourself and your loved ones and MASK UP!

MooMoo’s 3 layered masks are sure to protect you from the snotties.

100% Cotton Fabric with 2 layers of breathable lining

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Black, Pink & White Dots, Navy, American Flag, Plain Pink, Navy Dots, Navy Flowers, Navy Crowns, South African Flag, Pink Fruity, Navy Surfers, Geometrical Green, Geometrical Blue, Navy Paisley, Pink & Maroon Dots, Green Camo, Plain Blue, Plain Green, Plain Red, Antique Rose, So Pretty!, So Pretty! Pink, Spring Flowers, Grey Dots, Purple African Print, Red African Print, Turquoise African Print, Green African Print, Teal African Print, Brown Stars, Plain Brown

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