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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I measure my little one and then use this as a basis for selecting the size for the kiddigrow?

If you measure your little one from the shoulder to heel, you can compare it to the below kiddigrow lengths, to see what size to buy.  Remember to allow space for growth, but more than 10cm extra is going to be too big.

  • Size 12-18 months:  71cm
  • Size 18-24 months: 75 cm
  • Size 2-3 yrs: 82cm
  • Size 3-4 yrs: 88cm
  • Size 4-5 yrs: 93cm
  • Size 5-6 yrs: 98cm

If you need measurements on any other products, or further measurements on the kiddigrows, please do not hesitate to email us at and we will help you.

How does your sizing compare to the major retailers?

Our sizing is very much in line with Woolworths (made for big, South African children), so if you are currently buying age 2-3 yrs for your little one there, in all likelihood that is the size to order from us.  Please note that if the size is wrong- and the garments have not been washed, or dirtied, you are welcome to return them to us (via the post if you are not in Cape Town)- just email us on to arrange this.  We will send out bigger/smaller sizes as soon as possible.

How long will it take to receive my order?

You can expect your MooMoo purchase to be made, packaged and delivered to your door (or PEP to PEP (Paxi), if you live in a remote part of South Africa) within 5 working days from depositing the money in our account. Some of our items could be quicker (the ones that we hold stock of), but any order should be with you pretty much a week from placing and paying for the order.

We make sure that we keep you up to date with the progress of your order- emailing to confirm receipt of proof of payment; notifying you of when the order has been collected from us by our courier (and informing you of the parcel’s waybill number); as well as giving an indication of the day you can expect delivery.

Capetonians can also opt to collect from our premises in Access Park, Kenilworth.

Which courier company do you use?

We are currently using SWE, and have found them to be professional, friendly and reliable. Should you want to track your order, you are more than welcome to do so here: and input your waybill number to see the current status of your delivery.

What if my MooMoo purchases do not fit my child?

If the garments have not been washed, and dirtied, you are welcome to return them to us (via Courier if you are not in Cape Town)- just email us on to arrange this.  We will send out bigger/smaller sizes as soon as possible.

Very important: Please read our Refunds and Returns Policy on our website

What if there is a quality problem?

If you are not happy with the quality of your purchase, please contact us via email (  We will need you to send the garment(s) back to us and will replace them- or refund you- as soon as possible.

What is 3-D secure?

Soon banks will require all websites to be 3-D secure, as this provides another layer of security to purchasing goods over the internet with your credit card.  What happens is that the transaction is sent back to your bank, where you are required to put in your secret pin.  Only if this is done correctly, will the transaction be able to be completed.  This safeguards you from fraudsters stealing your card and then spending large sums on internet sites.

What is Payfast and what can I expect if I pay with my credit card?

We have chosen Payfast as our payment gateway, so should you opt to pay with a credit card, the checkout will involve clicking on a button to “Payfast””.  You are then sent to the Payfast secure page where you are asked to input your credit card details.  You will be sent an email confirming your order.

Are you VAT registered?

We are registered for VAT- all prices quoted on this website are VAT inclusive.  Our VAT number is 4330260318 and you can select to receive a VAT invoice in your parcel, if you so require.

Can I collect my order instead of having it couriered or posted?

You certainly can!  Please just email us to get our address and directions – we are based in Access Park, Kenilworth, Cape Town.

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